George Ashby Sinfield was born 13th of November, 1927 in Ely, White Pine County,Nevada, the third child and only son of Fernly and Lillian Ashby Sinfield. His entrance into the world came about two years before the depression, and though he was too young to remember the hard times, he recalls his parents telling about them. His mother said that everyone was alike--all poor. They wore patches on their patches. For entertainment they made their own with dances, parties, but those were happy times.

He grew up with the nicknames "Happy" or "Hap". Sometimes he felt that Ashby was his nickname also. He commented more than once that his parents and wife were the only ones who called him Ashby. Some think that 13 is unlucky but Ashby's mother would tell you that 13 was a lucky number because their only son was born on that day. She tells of an incident when he was a small boy. On his 3rd or 4th birthday he was allowed to go to the corral with his father while he butchered a calf. His father placed him safely out of the way and told him to stay there, then he proceeded with his work. Just as he aimed the gun to shoot the calf, he glanced past the barrel and there was Ashby right in the line of fire. His mother said that was another lucky 13.

His childhood was a normal, happy one. His best friends were Peggy Ashby, Jimmy Wakeling and Sheldon Reid.

He entered school at the age of five and attended his eight years of grade school and three years of high school in the Lund Schools. He always regretted that he didn't finish high school. He went to work for his father, then worked for Ernest Gubler and Myron Adams, ranching.

On September 3, 1950 he married Beatrice Stucki. On October 17, 1950 he joined the U.S. Army, and was stationed at Camp Polk, La. until March 15, 1951, when he set sail for Japan. He spent nine months in Japan, then went to Korea. In August of 1952 he was released after twenty months of service, then he spent four years in the reserves before being discharged.

Ashby and Beatrice made their home in Lund where seven children were born to them here in White Pine County: Dorothy, Garth, Georgia, Vivian, John, Rebecca and Wesley. At present, 1980, the four oldest are married and Wesley and Rebecca are attending high school in the same school their parents were in. John is working in Salt Lake City.

When a young boy, Ashby attended Primary, Sunday School and M.I.A. He was baptized when he was eight years old. He became inactive in his teen years, thus he remained for nearly twenty years.

On April 25, 1962 his wife and children were sealed to him in the St. George Temple. He was called to fill a Stake Mission on the 29th Nov. 1964, and ordained a seventy by Paul H.Dunn.

In April of 1959 he was called as Bishop of the Lund Ward with David Savage and Roy Faught as his counselors. He was ordained Bishop and High Priest by Elder Alma Sonne of the Council of Twelve. He served a busy 15 months as Bishop. During that time he also worked at Kennecott and his small farm. As stated, it was a busy time but one of the happiest of his life.

In June of 1973 he moved with his family to Magna, Utah. From then until 1979 he made two moves to Lund then back to Magna, then in August of 1979 he secured employment with Nevada State Highway and was stationed at Ferguson Springs, south of Wendover, for four months. He then had the opportunity to be stationed at the Lund Highway Station. This heaccepted gladly, for he with his wife and two youngest children, Wesley and Becky, moved "Home" again.

Written by:Beatrice Sinfield
Submitted by:Ashby Sinfield