My Great-Grandfather, Adolphus Rennie Whitehead, was one of Lund's first Bishops. My Father, Ven Ransler Savage, was born in Lund May 18, 1910. I moved to Lund in June of 1969 and my wife and children joined me there about the first of July. I was called into the Bishopric as the First Counselor to Ashby Sinfield on September 11, 1969.

At that time I was managing the Sunnyside Ranch for a newly formed Corporation, called "Great Western Ranches, Inc." that went bankrupt. As far as my financial outlook was concerned my stay in Lund was disastrous, but from the standpoint of spiritual growth it was a marvelous couple of years for me and my family. At one point when we had gone several months without apay-check, a good sister handed me a check for $100, and told me that I could pay it back if Iwanted to, but that it wouldn't be necessary to do so. I was over whelmed at her goodness andconcern.

I was asked to be the Bishop of the Lund Ward about the first part of July, 1970 and was ordained a Bishop by Sterling W. Sill on July 15th, 1970 in Salt Lake City. At the time I was outof a job with no prospects for a new one; but we felt that if the Lord wanted me to be the Bishop that he would provide for us, and He did. I found the highest paying job that I have ever had in my own field of education with the Title III Program in White Pine County at a yearly salary of$15,000 a year.

Shortly after I had been accepted as part of the above Title III Program administered by the White Pine County School District, I had an experience that I hesitate to relate lest someone think I am boasting of my own generosity. I and another man of the County School District were driving across Nevada's wide-open spaces, near Tonopah, we came upon a fellow walking in the hot sun. We stopped and picked him up and took him to Tonopah where he was going to look for work. A few hours later, after we had taken care of our business and were ready to leave, I saw this same man walking down the street. I asked him if he had been able to locate a job. Heindicated that he hadn’t. Being soft hearted or soft headed which ever the case may be, I gave him $5 of my last $15 that had to last until payday. The next day, coming out of Ely I gave another man a ride. He was half drunk but he needed money so I gave him S2.50 to buy a meal. The next Sunday at church a man walked up to me, whom 1 had never met before, and handed me a check for $100. He made me promise to buy my wife a dress and a pair of shoes and use the rest the way I wanted. I had made a small sacrifice to help a couple of people and had been repaid at least ten-fold.

Well, enough of my own experiences. Ashby Sinfield and his wife, Bea, although they were not well off, provided my family dinner on Sundays just about every Sunday the entire time that we were at the Ranch. We will long remember their generosity and kindness, and wish that we could repay them, but as with most things we will never have the chance.

I enjoyed immensely playing basketball on the town team while in Lund, and had a great appreciation for those men on the team. I have always been sorrowful over the necessity of having to leave Lund so suddenly, and we will always remember the goodness and kindness of the people who helped us pack and gave the big dinner for us.

I will list our family by name:

David Earl Savage -- born 3 April 1935, Salt Lake City, Utah
Judith Thelma Smith Savage -- born 8 April 1939, Philadelphia, Penn.
David Bryan Savage -- born 8 Nov. 1961,Fresno, California
Michael Kent Savage -- born 23 April 1963, Provo, Utah
Paulette Christine Savage -- born 31 August 1965, Butte, Montana
Wendy Lynn Savage -- born 11 Feb. 1967, Billings, Montana
Lynnette Gay Savage -- born 15 Oct. 1958, Billings, Montana
Van Ransler Savage -- born 10 March 1971, East Ely, Nevada
Jonathan Clay Savage -- born 29 June 1973, Powell, Wyoming
Benjamin Harrison Savage -- born 22 Nov. 1976, Powell, Wyoming

Written and submitted by:
David Earl Savage--Dec. 1976