Eugene Luke Peacock was born in Manti, Utah, May 24, 1898. His parents were Oliver and Charlotte Luke Peacock.

In the spring of 1900 when he was 2 years old, he came with his parents and two older brothers and two older sisters to settle in White River Valley.

Robert Reid and Alex Reid accompanied them on this move to Nevada. When they arrived at Lund the three families took up homesites side by side in the northern part of town.

Eugene attended the Lund Grade School. But the lesson he learned early and well was how to work, and he learned to do a man's work while just a mere boy. As many other young men in those early days, Gene drove a team and freighted farm produce to Ely and the mines. And he was a cowboy, not in the romantic, glamorous tradition, but in harsh reality. He spent many grueling hours ona horse, riding for cattle in all kinds of weather.

As a boy he helped build a family farm and later expanded his share into a successful farming operation.

On August 25, 1920 he married Sabra Oxborrow, daughter of Joseph and Sabra Stringham Oxborrow. Not long after their marriage Gene's parents passed away, so Gene and Sabra and Gene's brother, Carlyle, assumed responsibility for the Peacock farm and home and for two younger children, Gene's and Carlyle's brother, Clifford, and sister, Alta.

Gene and Sabra had six children of their own, yet they cared for Alta and Clifford as they did't heir own. Alta said that Gene was a father and brother to her, and was a grandpa to her children.

On May 19, 1965 Gene and Sabra were sealed in the St. George Temple.

Sabra died in June of 1976 at Lund and Eugene died September 10, 1977 at Roseburg, Oregon. Their children were Duane, Joseph, Betty, Luanna, Douglas and Sandra.

Gene and Sabra were an especially close couple. They loved people and they had that faculty of making everyone feel they had a special place in their hearts.

Written and submitted by:
Margaret Oxborrow and Helen C. Gardner