Earl Ashworth, nephew by marriage to Thomas Judd, played a very important part in the early colonization of Lund and White River Valley. In reading the diary of Thomas Judd we find Earl Ashworth an almost constant companion of his uncle as they traveled to and from various towns in Utah and Nevada. He must have been an excellent teamster for he was the man who always drove Thomas Judd's outfit from the time the White River Colonization project started until Judds moved back to Southern Utah in 1902.

We who have lived in Lund most of our lives recall that Earl Ashworth's wagon and team of horses were the finest in the valley. He took such pride in feeding, currying and caring for his horses and in oiling and decorating his harnesses. We remember that Earl always had different colored rings on the stretchers of his harnesses. As he sat on the high seat of his wagon he looked like a person of distinction, for he was a fine looking man who took pride in his own appearance as well as his animals.

Earl Ashworth must have liked Nevada because when Tom Judd returned to LaVerkin, Earl chose to remain at Lund and a few years later married Molly Oxborrow and they raised a family in Eastern Nevada. Their family are now residents of Southern Nevada.