Louisa Eliza Eardley Fawcett was born in Trenton, New Jersey, March 9, 1857. She was the daughter of John and Ann Cross Eardley.

After joining the Mormon Church, they crossed the plains to Salt Lake City, where they remained until 1870. When Louisa was 13 they moved again, this time to help colonize St.George, Utah, as they had need of her father's craft, masonry.

It was in St. George where she met and married George William Fawcett. After a few years they moved across the Virgin River to Price and in 1902 on to Lund, Nevada.

Louisa's father was a musician and leader of the St. George Choir and band. Louisa inherited his musical talent both on the organ and in singing. Her voice was a strong soprano and she was the choir soloist.

She was a natural home body and loved to stay at home, although she always attended Relief Society and Sacrament Meeting. Only her intimate friends knew how well read she was. She always expressed very clear and sound ideas regarding all Church doctrines.

Like all the early pioneers, especially the ones who settled Dixie, her life was filled with hardships. She lost three of her children in St. George. Still through it all she kept her faith inthe Gospel.

For many years she suffered intensely. Her Patriarchal Blessing said she would pass from this life to the one beyond without a struggle, and that promise was fulfilled. She quietly went tosleep and was at peace.

She passed away Dec. 6, 1936 in Lund, Nevada and was buried beside her three children in the St. George cemetery.

Written and submitted by:
Luella Fawcett Whipple