Frances Jane Horsley was born in Ferron, Utah, February 5, 1884 to John Pickett Horsley and Frances Jane Mills who were pioneers in the settlements of Preston and Lund. The Horsleys were living in St. George when John heard that the Church was buying up some large ranches in Nevada and that families were being called to colonize them. He loved to pioneer and sight unseen bought some lots and left for Nevada. The rest of the family arrived in Lund shortly after in 1898. They lived in a tent and used their covered wagons for their bedrooms until their house was built.

The next three years were the happiest years of Frances' young life. She loved to dance and it was at a Valentine's dance in Ely where she met the man she later married, Walter Shellenberger. They were married by Bishop Arnoldson in Preston on September 14, 1904, after a long courtship while waiting for Frances to get the approval of her parents to marry a non-Mormon.

Their first home was in Ruth, Nevada where Walter was a foreman at the Ruth mine. Then he built a home in Ely where they lived for several years, and Walter learned the carpentry trade. In 1914 they moved to Juab County, Utah, where they pursued ranching for 10 years. By this time they had a family of ten girls which Frances wanted to have educated so they returned to Elyin 1924, where they lived until Walter's death in 1947. Frances moved to Sunland, California after Walter died where she lived until her death, April 12, 1977. She left a progeny of eight daughters, 30 grandchildren, 87 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.

She was always active in her church and devoted to her family and friends. She was always helping those in need and was deeply loved by all who knew her.

Written and submitted by:
Dora Shellenberger Hutchings