George Edward Burgess was born May 7, 1865 in Pine Valley, Washington Co., Utah, to George Martin Burgess and Rhoda Ann Dykes. Emily Ann Jeffery was born June 25, 1866 in St.George, Washington Co., Utah to Thomas Alfred Jeffery and Elizabeth Cowper. George Edward and Emily Ann Burgess were married December 3, 1885 in the St. George Temple, St. George,Washington Co., Utah.

In 1899 George E. and his wife Emily Ann J. Burgess moved from Pine Valley, Utah to Lund, Nevada, to make a new home for their family of five children: Lillie J., Edward W., Herbert A., Aggie and Dora. While in Lund, Orion J., Rulon L., and Malin H. were born. RulonL. and Malin H. died as infants and are buried in Lund.

Their first winter was spent in the M. W. Harrison's house that was nearly finished. That first spring George E. and some other men tried making brick in the 'flat' between Lund and Preston. They had a kiln where they baked the brick.

George E. built a large room from the brick but they were not of a good quality as there was alkali in this soil and it caused the brick to chip when moisture hit them. So the brick making was discontinued.

The family lived in this room over a year and then George E. bought a two-room rock home and built two log rooms on the back. It was a real pioneer home.

George E. assisted in getting logs to build the school house and church. Rock and logs were the only building materials available. It was a long way to a railroad, and for many years freight was hauled from Modena, Utah with team and wagon which took more than a week for the roundtrip.

George E. got the contract of taking the mail twice a week from Lund to the ranches 33 miles south to Sunnyside. Some winters the snow was drifted so deep he had to make the trip on horseback carrying the mail sack on his horse. To keep warm he would get off the horse often and trot along beside it. He never missed a trip.

One election year a White Pine County candidate sent some liquor to George E. to treat the Lund men to try and win their votes. When the election was over George E. returned the liquor unopened telling him he didn't drink and didn't believe in giving it to others.

If George E. was irrigating his "home ranch" field on Sunday, after church the family would change their clothes while Emily Ann prepared their supper, then they all would get in the wagon with their meal and ride over to the field. While George E. changed the water, the rest of the family would spread a blanket on the grassy ditch banks under the willows. How wonderful those plain suppers tasted out there in the fields.

George E. took his family camping up Saw Mill Canyon several years in the fall to gather pinenuts and gum. Several other families made the trip with them. Many gunny sacks would be filled with the sticky burrs and taken back to Lund. Many evenings were spent cooking the burrs in hot coals from a bonfire.

George Edward Burgess was ordained Bishop's counselor July 8, 1900. He also served as first counselor in MIA in the Lund Ward.

Emily Ann was a real helpmate. She took good care of her family. There was the cooking and sewing of all the family clothing. She spent most of her evenings knitting the stockings from fine black wool yarn by the kerosene lamp.

She was Relief Society Counselor for two years, then Relief Society President for 6 years. She helped take care of the sick in the town. In case of a death the burial clothing was made by the Relief Society women. Heber C. Smith helped make the coffins and the ladies would cover them with white outing-flannel (inside and out), trimming them with white lace.

After living in Lund for 9 years, George Edward moved his family to Alpine, Utah, September 1908. George Edward died in Alpine, Utah June 19, 1939. Emily Ann died in Alpine, Utah May 21, 1924. They are both buried in the Alpine City Cemetery.

Written and submitted by:
Aggie B. Gubler, Emily G. Beck