My father, Alexander Kirkwood Reid, was born in Belfast, Ireland Jan. 22, 1860. His parents were John Patrick Reid and Margaret Kirkwood. Alex (Alexander) came to Utah in 1872 with his mother and brothers, William and Robert, and sisters, Margaret, Agnes, Lucy and Sara. His father came two years earlier, in 1870. An older brother, John K., came in 1860.

This family settled in Manti, Sanpete County, Utah. Alex lived there until he was about 19 years of age then he left home to find work in the mines and mills of Utah and Nevada. On the 19th of December 1888, he married Elizabeth Ann Mackey in the Manti Temple. To them were born five children: Jessie Maria, Margaret, Gordon Mackey, Josephine and Hugh Alexander. At this writing, September 1979, I, Margaret, am the only surviving child in this family.

In the early years of our parents' marriage, they lived in Manti, Sterling and Park City, Utah where Father worked at the mines. On the 30th of November 1900, we left our home in Manti to make a new home in Lund, Nevada. We arrived in Lund on the 16th of December, 1900, the day the youngest child, Hugh, was 9 months old. It was after dark when Mother saw the house by the light of a camp fire and she wanted to know if it was the chicken coop.

The house had one room made of adobes, a dirt roof, a dirt floor, and no windows or doors. We brought with us doors, windows and flooring so it didn't take long until we had a place to live in, even if it was small. We lived in this one room for 4 or 5 years then another adobe room was added and the walls plastered and a shingle roof was put on. These adobe rooms are still a part of the home where Hazel Reid Duval lives.

When Father was about 19 years of age he worked for a while at the Taylor and Ward mines here in Nevada. About 20 years later when he decided to move his family to Lund, he had asthma. He thought the dry climate here might be good for his health, but he died the 13th of April, 1903 and was buried the 15th of April, the first adult to be buried in the Lund cemetery.

When Father was able, he helped on the farm and freighted some to Ely and Tonopah. After his death Mother cared for us children--the oldest age 13, and the youngest age 3 years. We all worked together to help make a living.

When Mother was a young woman she lost her hearing after she had scarlet fever. To many, loss of hearing would have been a handicap, but not Mother. She always attended her Relief Society and Sacrament meetings and was a good neighbor to everyone. If she hadn't seen one of her neighbors out during the day she would call on them in the evening to make sure they were all right.

Mrs. Alvira Mathis, one of our neighbors, and Mother were Relief Society visiting teacher partners for years. Mother said it took the two of them to make one woman because Mrs. Mathis had poor eyesight and Mother couldn't hear. Mother had learned to read lips well and those members of her family and close friends helped her to understand people who were not familiar with her hearing problem.

Our mother, Elizabeth Ann Mackey Reid, was a widow for 45 years. She passed away on the 20th of March 1948 in her home in Lund and was buried in the Lund cemetery at the side of her husband, Alexander Kirkwood Reid.

Their children all married and lived in Lund for some time. Their oldest, Jessie Maria, was born the 3rd of October 1889 at Manti, Utah. She went to school in Sterling and Manti, Utah also in Lund, Nevada. She taught school for 2 years in Lund. She married Clarence Burgess the 5th of June 1912 in the Salt Lake Temple. They moved to Alpine, Utah in 1915. Four children were born to them: Reid, Pauline, Dale and Ann. Jessie died May 25, 1938 at Alpine, Utah.

Margaret, the second child, was born in Manti, Utah Dec. 24, 1890. She married Ervin Lester Hendrix Dec. 20, 1916. After living for 30 years at Sunnyside they moved back to Lund in 1947. At this writing in 1979, Margaret is still living in Lund. They were the parents of 8 children.

Gordon Mackey Reid, born the 8th of September 1892 in Manti, went to grade school in Sterling, Utah and Lund, Nevada. He married Vera

Carter the 10th of June 1929 in Ely, Nevada. Five children were born to them: Richard, Max, Frank, Hazel, and Robert (deceased). Gordon died September 15, 1956 in Salt Lake City, Utah and his wife Vera died November 27, 1978 in Ely. Their son Richard died 4th of November 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hugh Alxander Reid was born the 16th of March 1900 in Manti, Utah. He married Ada Hammond May 19, 1926. To this union were born 6 children: Alice, Henry Alex, Ann, Josephine, Ellinor, and June. Hugh was Bishop in Lund several years before he moved to Idaho. Hugh died September 26, 1977 in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Written and submitted by:
Margaret Reid Hendrix