When the call came from the Church for some of the people in the Dixie area to help settle White River Valley in eastern Nevada, Bryant and Lillian accepted the call and with one child, Garr, they came to Lund in 1898.

On January 25, 1899 a daughter, Lillian, was born. She was the first white girl born in Lund. She was born in one of the buildings that still stands on the property that now belongs to Albert Gubler.

Shortly after they came to Lund, Lillian's parents, Allen Wakeling, and Ann Elizabeth Clark Wakeling with three boys, Allen, Thomas, and James and a sister, Ellen, came to live in Lund.

After Bryant and Lillian had been here a year they decided to go back to St. George. Lillian was ready and willing to go back. She felt like St. George was her home and she didn't want to raise her children in the wilds of Nevada. Bryant was the first postmaster in Lund but when they went back to St. George, he gave that up. They stayed in St. George for three years and while there a son, Paul, was born on December 21, 1900.

Then they came back to Lund and lived with Lillian's parents for a while. They lived in several different places in town and on Four Mile and Six Mile, small ranches that are four and six miles south of Lund. There they farmed and raised livestock. They finally settled on the piece of ground north of Whitehead's lot that is now owned by Lynn and Lois Horsley. They built two adobe rooms and later added two lumber rooms. This house has been torn down and the ground has changed hands several times.

Bryant did a lot of butchering for people in town and they had dairy cows, chickens and raised hay, grain and potatoes. He hauled produce from the farm to Ely to sell. They always had a vegetable garden and stored vegetables for the winter. Lillian made butter and sold some. Later the creamery in Preston picked up the cream. Then later the whole milk was sent to the dairy in Ely.

They both held some church positions. Lillian sang in choirs and she and her sister Ellen sang duets for church and many programs. Bryant was called on a six month mission to Canada but only stayed a month and was released because of ill health.

In 1928, they sold out in Lund and moved to Alpine, Utah and stayed until 1934. They moved back to Ely, Nevada and Lillian cooked and kept house for men who were working forGeorge Oxborrow hauling ore.

Bryant became ailing in health and they moved back to Lund and lived in Garr's home. Bryant passed away July 23, 1950, and was buried in Lund. Lillian stayed and took care of Dawn Ashby, her granddaughter, while she was in high school. After Dawn was married, Lillian lived with her children. She usually spent the winters with her son, Clark, who lived in Yarnell, Arizona. She lived to be 97 years of age and passed away November 6, 1972 and is buried in Lund.

Bryant and Lillian had eleven children, seven boys and four girls.

Garr: Married Mazie Reid and they had four girls. Garr passed away the 31st of January 1961. Mazie still lives in Lund.

Lillian: Married Fernly Sinfield and had three girls and one boy. Lillian passed away November 21, 1978.

Paul: Married Irma Fawcett and they had twins, a boy and a girl. They live in Sutherlin, Oregon.

Lyman: Married Hortense Gardner and they had four girls and two boys. Lyman passed away June 2, 1948.

Clark: Married Frankie Welch and they have one boy. They now live in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Fielding: Married Geneva Garcia. They had two children, one boy and one girl. Field passed away March 11, 1977. His wife lives in Baker, Oregon.

Anthony: Married LaRene Andrews and they have two girls. They live in Pleasant Grove,Utah.

Edith: Married Wesley Reid and they had two boys and two girls and one boy by a former marriage. Wesley passed away March 10, 1964. Edith still lives in Lund.

Woodrow: Married June McKenzie and they had two girls and two boys. They live in Reno, Nevada.

June: Married Maurice Healey and had two girls and one boy. They live in Hamilton, Montana.

Fay: Married John McKenzie and they had three girls and two boys. They live in Ely, Nevada.

Written and submitted by:
Edith Ashby Reid