That we may preserve our heritage,
We've put in pictures, word, and song--
The memories that we cherish,
Of our loved ones now long gone.

Letters have been written,
To descendants in every state;
Trying to find notes of interest,
Before it is too late.

We've searched for records old and worn,
Families, old buildings, in every state;
For histories, stories, pictures badly torn,
Have been our projects for six years to date.

Familiar faces speaking to us,
From the pictures we have found;
'Tis like a happy greeting,
From a long forgotten sound.

The songs they sang, the words they spoke,
Their mirthful little jokes,
To us are lovely memories, we'd like to share with you;
So turn these pages slowly, and these "GOLDEN NUGGETS" view.

by Lucille G. Terry


We dedicate this book to the Pioneers of White River Valley, who with their keen foresight could see the need of finding new lands for our ever increasing people. Strong and sturdy, with determination unequaled, they set out to build a new place for themselves and the generations following them.

Through these pages we may more fully realize the hardships they endured and the sacrifices they made for us--their children and children's children. These noble Pioneers have left a heritage that will live on through their posterity.