As I have reviewed material for this history I have been impressed with the number of times the people have responded to a need with contributions of time, labor, money or whatever for school, church, community and county betterment. It epitomizes the independent spirit of the early American settlers with no thought of asking for handouts and no one to turn to if they had. Spiraling building costs, an ever expanding desire for "bigger and better", and a new concept of government as a never failing source seems to have changed the picture--but perhaps not so much as we might think. Perhaps the drive to improve one's environment and circumstances, inherent in the people, has merely taken a new direction. Certainly we see the desire to recapture some of the old values manifesting itself in various forms in towns such as this throughout the United States. The movement is gathering momentum and indicates that the independent spirit that settled this land is not, after all, entirely lost to succeeding generations.

So if there is an underlying theme in this small segment of history we might say it is the saga of a sturdy people who were willing to help themselves. Emphasis on this theme was not intentional. The purpose of this compilation was twofold, first, to record the events of White River history as accurately as possible before they become completely obscured by time and neglect, and second, to give each family equal opportunity to tell its own story in pictures and words. Insofar as the independent spirit of the people is revealed the facts speak for themselves.

Another thought the writing of this history brings to mind, the era that it spans has seen more rapid changes than the entire history of mankind that preceded it. In a relatively short period of time, new inventions, new technology, new concepts have revolutionized the civilized world and brought changes in life patterns in ways that would not have been believed at the beginning of the century. Living through it is like living two separate lifetimes and writing about it has been a most rewarding experience.