1898 -- 1980


The decision, after seven years,. to have a second printing of White River Valley--Then and Now, was reached after much deliberation. The ready acceptance of the first printing, not only by those directly concerned with the history of the pioneers in the Valley, but also by the Universities, Historical societies and Libraries of the Region, has brought much satisfaction to its sponsers.

This printing is basically the same as the first, except for the additional pages of the William and Emma Bradley Family, picture page, that was submitted to us after the first edition was completed. These pages are unnumbered, not indexed, but are placed between pages #636-637.

We made a decision against revising and supplementing the book for several reasons- the number of requests we have had for copies of the Original, the lenght of the book, the time and work involved in the revision, and the impossibility of revising it to the satisfaction of everyone interested.  Perfection is hard to achieve. Nevertheless, the team effort, the many sources of information tapped, and the hard work involved in organizing and compiling this informatiom, made this undertaking very much worthwhile. So the Project, itself, has become a part of the history of the Valley, and the Book, as it was first compiled, is an authentic chronicle of that Project as an event of historical significance in its own right..

So we offer the Book unchanged and leave it to others to bring out a supplement, with the added gift of hindsight, to help them to correct and amplify.

Submitted by request: Margaret R. Oxborrow